For pet owners

If your pet is experiencing a problem with their eyes, your Veterinary Surgeon may recommend referral.

Your Vet will send through all relevant details regarding the case and contact you to arrange an appointment.

Initial consultations may take up from one to one and half hours and ophthalmic exams will be performed during this time. Depending on the condition, further testing or surgery may be required and you may be requested not to feed the animal prior to the consultation.

Referred clients must return to their regular first opinion surgery once treatment by Dr. Spiegel has been completed.

This is ethically correct and is essential to our success as a referral practice.

A full written report will be sent back to your vets after each consultation.

For all cases unless advised that this would be detrimental, for example if the animal is diabetics or he is a puppy or a kitten, we advise that no food is given from 22:00 the night before the appointment but the water should be withdrawn from 2 hours prior to your appointment. If surgery or investigations requiring anaesthesia or sedation are necessary, we have the option of carrying them out on the same day.

If we have provisionally arranged surgery for the same day as your appointment, your pet should be ready to return home by 5.00 p.m. However, if surgery or recovery from anaesthesia is prolonged, it may be necessary to keep your pet hospitalized overnight so that we can ensure that he or she has fully recovered.

Please download your client information pack and fill the registration form prior to bringing the animal to the practice.