Ophthalmology in your practice

There is no need for investment in ophthalmological instruments, medication, lab services, payment or your computer server as all of that will be provided by Vision Vet.

How can the service be organised?

Very easily! If you are interested in this service, simply contact me on 07523670795 to discuss days you would like me to work in your practice. You can start booking ophthalmic appointments as soon as the details have been agreed. In order to plan my working day, I politely request that the list of cases be confirmed with me at least 1 month in advance. This will allow me to provide the most effective service for your clients.

What will I require?

I require a dark room for my ophthalmic examination.

I may require a nurse to assist me. The nurse will be trained for handling, looking for ocular signs, monitoring and treating ophthalmic cases.

Access to your WiFi.